Think you are a Zelda fan?

20th Jun 2011

Check out this US TV Ad for the recently released Zelda Ocarina of Time for the Nintendo 3DS. It stars Robin Williams and his real life daughter 'Zelda' who is apparently named after the character fro … read more

Battlefield 3 first official trailer

18th Mar 2011

Wow, just Wow!!! Look out Call of Duty MW. The first official trailer for Battlefield 3 is out and it looks absolutely stunning with some of the most realistic animation and lighting witnessned to dat … read more

The Real Mario Movie!

18th Mar 2011

Ok so not strictly a video game but this trailer for an indie Mario Brothers movie is too good not to share. Check it out and lets hope these guys get to turn this into a fully fledged film. … read more

LEGO Does Black Op's

17th Dec 2010

Ok so this post is not strictly game related but the video below is simply too good to resist from posting. The guys responsible for putting this together seriously have too much time on their hands. … read more

Welcome to Reface Games Shop Online

18th Aug 2010

Its been a long time coming but Reface Industries finally have our Retail and Wholesale Games Store up on line!! As an existing client of Reface Industries we have already created a log in for you wh … read more